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 TWG Rules 2008

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PostSubject: TWG Rules 2008   Sun Oct 26, 2008 3:23 pm

Wrestling Game is a strategic / managerial on-line game on the world of wrestling.
You will have the possibility to build your career as a wrestler, starting with no job and no money.
Your objective is to build your own career and to take your spot to the various Federations in the game to earn money, this is fundamental to buy new moves, train your character and create your own entrance.
You will become always more famous and popular, and you will reach the highest spots of your Federation.
All you need to play is a common web browser.
There are some advertising banners on the game that are necessary to keep the game on-line.
Your support helps the game to survive!

To take part in the game need the complete adhesion to a severe regulation, which has to be respected by all the users, none excluded. In case of violations of the rules, the staff will punish you according to your actions on regard of the entity of the violation itself.

Goal of the Game
- The main objective of the game is to play in a friendly ambience with the other players.
Every single user has to know how to act correctly with the other ones, in order to maintain a pleasant surrounding.
- You, as a single user, have to try to develop your character to the best respecting the rules of honesty, and having correct behaviors with other users, in the chat and with the Private Messages as well.

Rule 1 . Characters / Wrestlers
- Each member can own maximum one active character.
- If a secondo or more characters, created by the same user, will be found out, he or she will get it deleted and the two remaining penalized. In recidivism cases, every character will be deleted.
- Users can assign whatever they like as his or her character name, with some exceptions: characters with names which has Political, Religious or Racist references will be immediately deleted.
- We invite the users to keep their username and password for themselves.

Rule 2 - Jobbers
- It is strictly forbidden to create a Jobber to power up other characters. If similar episodes will occur, every jobber will be obviously deleted, and characters which gained profit will be seriously penalized.

Rule 3 - Characters swapping
- It is absolutely forbidden to swap characters, temporarily or once for all, even just to raise a stat or train a move. Violators will be punished with the reduction of 1 point for each of the four statistics In recidivism cases the character will be deleted.

Rule 4 - Finishers and personal avatars
- Every user is absolutely free to choose the finisher name. If the finisher text or name, are of a racialist, political, religious or discriminating kind, or have vulgar or sexual contents, the one user will have his every finisher deleted. In recidivism cases the character will be deleted.

Rule 5 - In-game communications
- It is strictly forbidden to use a vulgar language, or of racialist, discriminating, political or religious contents, through the means of communications in the game, as chat, forum or private messages. Violators will be punished with the reduction of 1 point for each of the four statistics In recidivism cases the character will be deleted.

Rule 6 . Behavior towards other users
- It is strictly forbidden to threat or to insult other users or staff members through the means of communications in the game; it is also forbidden to reveal someone else’s personal information (phone numbers, etc.). Violators will be punished with the reduction of 1 point for each of the four statistics and, within serious episodes or recidivism cases, the character will be deleted.

Rule 7 - Game data
- It is strictly forbidden to download or modify data, gather information and surf with other means but a normal web browser, and to force the access to protected data. It is also strictly forbidden to reproduce even if in its minimal parts the graphic or software elements of the game. Violators will have their characters deleted.

Rule 8 - Bugs
- It is strictly forbidden to take advantage of bugs or programming imperfections on your own advantage. Violators will have their character deleted. Whoever becomes aware of the mentioned bugs must not report them in the chat or in the game forum, but exclusively to the Helpers, who will then contact the administrators.

Rule 9 - Idle characters
- Character which have been inactive for more than 45 days will be automatically deleted without notice, except by previous signal by the user to the staff (summer holidays period excluded too).

Rule 10 - Non-legal systems and external programs
- It is strictly forbidden to edit the in-game characteristics trough non-legal or external programs which permit to modify the original database. It is also forbidden to use systems which permit to automatically develop the character in any way while his owner is away. The staff will be watching over those abuses; violators will have his every character deleted.

Rule 1 - forum
The WG Forum is divided in various sections, which has its sub-sections as well where you may find the one topics. Every users must post his messages in the dedicated section only. Topics with no relations with the section they are in will be deleted.

Rule 2 - Forum access
The forum is open to all registered users. It is strictly forbidden to access with someone else’s profile. Every user has full responsibility of what he or she writes in his messages.

Rule 3 - Non-public topics
Some forum topics are exclusively reserved to the staff; a password will be needed to gain access to those topics. It is strictily forbidden to give those passwords to any non-staff member, and it is forbidden to use those password to post in thread you may not have access as well.

Rule 4 - Spam, Flame and Caps
It is strictly forbidden to spam through the forum, to flame and to write with the caps lock set on in topics.

Rule 5 - External promotion
It is strictly forbidden to act external promotions, of sites, products or brands ect through the means of communications offered by this very site, though not by administrators’ authorization.

Rule 6 - Personal data
It is forbidden to reveal someone else’s personal data to other users.

We kindly thank you for the attention. We hope you enjoy the game!
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TWG Rules 2008
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