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 The Russian Nightmare

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The Russian Nightmare

The Russian Nightmare

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PostSubject: The Russian Nightmare   Fri Jan 30, 2009 7:37 pm

Wrestler Name: the Russian Nightmare

Wrestler Nickname: Nikita Koloff

Wrestler Level: (current) 6

Wrestler Type: Strength

Wrestler Height: 6'2

Wrestler Weight: 275

Wrestler Age: 28

Face or Heel: (Good or Bad) heel

Wrestler Attitude: (Are you cocky, all business, mysterious, evil, freakish, comedic?) cocky

Willing to Tag:(if in tag match)The Black King (The Inner Circle)

Wrestler's Style: (name similar wrestler) Nikita Koloff

Wrestler's Origin: (Country)Moscow, Russia

Catchphrase: I am "The Best There Is...The Best There Was..And The Best There Ever Shall Be"

Finisher Name: Moscow Mauler
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The Russian Nightmare
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