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 Role Play Guide

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PostSubject: Role Play Guide   Thu Nov 13, 2008 1:16 pm

Here is my RP Guide, for use with this roster.

For WEW to be a truly great Federation we need great RP. This helps the creative staff to develop solid story lines, and most importantly it helps us all have fun. So here is some info on RPing properly and respectfully.


God-Moding is simply when you take control of others. There are only three times this is acceptable:

1) You are the GM or working under the GM's orders.
2) You have specific permission from the person you are god-modding.
3) Partnerships. If you are a part of a team or a faction you may do basic controls such as having them to accompany you. Try not to speak for them, or have them performing complex actions such as attacking, or requesting matches.


If you are RPing respect the character of those you RP with. Example:

Hunter watches as Krypto makes his way to the ring. He argues with the fans and threatens a couple. Hunter jumps out and attacks him viciously, and tosses him over the barrier where the fans join the attack.

There are two major issues here:
1) I was God-Moding, by controlling Kryptonites's character.

2) I was completely misusing his character. His character is a face, and a role model so he would never be interacting with the fans in such a way.

Good Example:

Hunter hides as Kryptonite makes his way to the ring. He growls angrily as he hears the fans loud applause. Waiting for the proper moment when Sam is facing away, he jumps out like a coward and attacks him viciously from behind.

Here I avoided controlling Krypto's actions and kept it general. Then I stuck with the fact he is a face by the positive crowd reaction.

Avoid Chair Bashing

I have been actively involved with 2 federations in this game, and 8 to 10 in another game (running one myself) and nothing is more annoying then this when you RP. It is the person whose idea of RP is bashing someone with a chair every time they have a feud. Physical attacks are ok, but need to be used sparingly or as part of a story.

Certain restrictions are put on RP attacks:

1) No injuries. Do not break bones, or put someone out of action. This will only happen if there is a pre-approved story line between the parties involved.

2) Be creative. Not just grabbing a ball bat and randomly hitting people.

3) Be true to character. For Mongo, this means attacks will be cowardly and sneaky,

4) Do not use it just to show you are dominant. An attack on someone who doesn't know it is coming is both cowardly and a good sign of weakness.

Put effort into Role Play!!

Build your character

Who is your character? What are his goals? How is he dressed? Is he a heel or face?

By knowing these things you can build stronger RPs suited to your character. Here are some tips to building a strong RP character.

- Know the basics. Looks, heel or face, behaviors, where they are from all help you to decide how that person will deal with situations.

- Create unique traits. Mongo is sneaky. Graffix has a sick since of humor. Suzette loves to cause others pain. I can always play off these traits for stronger RPs.

- Create a background. I am a writer in real life. Prior to writing I like to create a backstory for my characters. This allows me to connect better with them and how they would act in situations.

- Deepen your character with additional elements. Create a valet, or manager that suits your character and use them in your RP. Create your own locker room, and furnish it to fit you. Find ways to set up the scenes you want
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Role Play Guide
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