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 Wyatt "Gameface" Parker

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PostSubject: Wyatt "Gameface" Parker   Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:38 pm

Wrestler Name: Wyatt Parker
Wrestler Nickname: "Gameface"
Wrestler Level: 5
Wrestler Type: Technician
Wrestler Height: 6'4"
Wrestler Weight: 220 lbs
Wrestler Age: 19
Face or Heel: Face
Wrestler Attitude: Cocky with some comedy mixed in
Willing to Tag: yes
Wrestler's Style: The Rock minus the bralwing, mixed with a little early Sting and Benoit
Wrestler's Origin: USA
Catchphrases: "You better get your Gameface on", "Now THAT's Kool, baby!"
Finisher Name: Kool Krippler or Kool Krusher
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Wyatt "Gameface" Parker
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