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 The Torture Chamber

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PostSubject: The Torture Chamber   Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:46 pm

Brutal Barry Pain has his valet Demonique set up his locker room with a rack and an Iron Maiden. There is also a chair with nails sticking out of it for BBP to sit in. The rack is used for BBP to prepare for the match by getting a good stretch. The Iron Maiden is used to release stress. BBP has Demonique used her whips on his back to get his adrenaline going before inflicting PAIN on a likely candidate or anybody unlucky enough to cross his path. The Torture Chamber is not for the weak. BBP would also like to use the Iron Maiden in a match just like a casket match. So be warned PAIN has arrived and has his place of solitude and torture ready to go.
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The Torture Chamber
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