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 The Broken Confectionary Dispenser

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PostSubject: The Broken Confectionary Dispenser   Mon Dec 01, 2008 3:46 pm

After leaving his locker room Saul starts to look around the corridors and check out the various areas, after about 5 minuites of wandering he hears shouting from just around the corner.

??: Stupid machine!! Saul turns the corner and sees Dave Noble the annoucer staring in dismay at the Confectionary Machine

DN: Damn piece of junk

SV: Hey whats up? Saul walks over to the machine and Dave turns to look up at him

DN: Bah the machine hasn't dropped my Peanuts and i havn't got any more change on me. Saul Peers at the machine and sees that the wheel that releases the snacks has stopped half way through its rotation.

SV: If I just... Saul smacks the side of the machine and it continues its rotation dropping the peanuts down.

DN: Hey thanks! Dave retrives his peanuts and shakes Saul's hand

DN: Im Dave Noble, WEW Ring Announcer Saul returns the handshake and grins

SV: No problem Dave I'm pretty good with machines. Saul "Hitman" Vickers, call me Saul though. Unless its when I'm on the way to the ring Dave laughs

DN: Well I'll give you my best shout on your way down to the ring when you make your debut Saul, its the least I can do for sorting that hunk of junk out

Footsteps can be heard coming down the corridor.....
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The Broken Confectionary Dispenser
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