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 Texas Comes To NewCastle

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Porke Rynz

Porke Rynz

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PostSubject: Texas Comes To NewCastle   Sun Dec 07, 2008 8:42 pm

A black Chevy 1500 pick-up monster truck pulls up to the parking gates of The Metro Radio Arena.

Lindsay Hewitt: "Uhmmm...Porke. I don't think the fog lights will make the clearence."

Porke Rynz: "Bloody metric system. Hmmm..oh wait, I just got these installed. Let's see if Bubba Jay's mechanical magic can do the trick."

Porke flips the blue switch on the dashboard and the fog lights comes on and illuminates the front gates, blinding the security guard.

Porke: "Oops! Wrong switch. My bad"

Lindsay flips the blue switch off and flips the yellow switch instead.

The Chevy truck's hydraulics kicks on and lowers the truck's height. Porke is then able to drive into the garage.

Porke looks at the security guard with a sympathetic look and tosses him an official bag of Porke Rynz BBQ Pork Rinds.
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Texas Comes To NewCastle
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