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 Terri talks to Saul about his Debut and events on Sunday Night Fallout.

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PostSubject: Terri talks to Saul about his Debut and events on Sunday Night Fallout.   Mon Dec 08, 2008 1:05 pm

The double doors into the parking area open and Terri walks through Microphone in hand. Music can be heard blasting out from a radio nearby. Terri walks across the lot to a Black Impala, the Radio is sitting on its roof and the car's hood is popped up. From the camera angle we see a hand reach into the tool box balanced precariously on the edge of the Car.

TR: Excuse me Saul The person working on the Car doesn't appear to hear her. Terri clears her throat and speaks again a bit louder. TR:UM Excuse me Saul!

Terri sighs and grabs the radio turning it off. A few seconds later Saul "Hitman" Vickers walks around the side of the car to see why the Radio has stopped. He smiles when he sees Ms Runnels. TR:Finally, its a surprise your not deaf playing your music so loudly. Saul grabs a rag from the toolbox and wipes the oil off his hands

SV: Sorry Terri I didn't notice you there, Ha have you thought that maybe the reason I play it so loud is because im deaf already. He Grins

Terri raises an eyebrow evidently not finding him funny TR: Anyway this Wednesday you make your WEW Debut against Wyatt Parker. What are your thoughts on facing him?

Saul reaches through the open passenger window and pulls out a bottle of water and takes a swig before he speaks. SV: Wyatt Parker is a very talented guy Terri, you obviously saw his match on Sunday and last Wednesday when he nearly won the T.V Title on our first show. He put on one heck of a fight in both of those matches.

TR: Thats true but that doesn't really give me any indication on how you think the match will go Saul

SV: Let me put it this way then Terri, We both have a similar style, we are great young technical wrestlers. Wyatt has a bit more in ring experience than me but if he thinks thats going to give him an easy ride through the match then he is sorely mistaken. Its to close to call in my opinion but one thing is for sure we are going to see a great match that will really excite the fans. I'l be happy to shake his hand when the match is over whatever the result. Saul takes another gulp of water

TR: Thanks Saul, finally whats your reaction to events of Fallout?

SV: Well Terri if your talking about Omen and his gang of Fruit Loops with face paint then I wouldn't be overly bothered by them. GM Hall knows what he is doing and I'm sure that once Xyscho Xmas is over with we won't hear much more from those idiots.
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Terri talks to Saul about his Debut and events on Sunday Night Fallout.
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