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 Wyatt Parker arrives early for Wednesdays Show

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PostSubject: Wyatt Parker arrives early for Wednesdays Show   Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:40 am

The camera comes on, focused on the entrance ramp of the parking garage. It is slightly raining outside, as a large black SUV pulls down into the garage. It stops by the entrance doors, and as the camera moves towards the passenger side, we see Wyatt "Gameface" Parker leaning in and kissing a yet unidentified female. He then sees the camera, quickly grabs his black bag, and opens the door to get out.

"Thanks babe, I will see you after the show"

The SUV pulls out, leaving the garage

Wyatt pulls his hat down , looks around, and walks thru the doors, to the cheers of early fans wanting autographs. He stops to give them some, and the camera fades to black
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Wyatt Parker arrives early for Wednesdays Show
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