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 Terri Runnels with problems

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PostSubject: Terri Runnels with problems   Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:46 pm

Walking through the corridors full of people, Vicenzzo very calm moments before his debut is in front of his locker room looking all that people walking.

Then, suddenly "The Monster" Chris starts to run in the corridor making contact with Terri Runnels that fall on the floor. Vicenzzo gets really angry with "The Monster" Chris because he didn´t help Terri Runnels get up...

V: Hey Terri Runnels, are you ok?

TR: What was that? Who are that guy, and who are you?

V: I´m Vicenzzo from Brazil. I´m going to make my debut against the guy that hit you... his name is "The Monster" Chris. Are you ok?

TR: Ahhh, I´m fine. Thank you for helping me stand up. What such a dumbass that "The Monster" Chris, i really hope you Vicenzzo kick his ass tonight!

V: Be sure of that! I will kick his ass to show that a man should never hit a woman, especially a woman so gorgeous like you...

TR Ohhh, Thank you. I´ll be watching your match. giving a small wink
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Terri Runnels with problems
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