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 Wyatt and Terri Arrive on Wednesday

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PostSubject: Wyatt and Terri Arrive on Wednesday   Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:54 am

Camera cuts to the parking garage, where a large black Escalade has just parked and ignition cut. The camera walks towards the SUV, as the doors open.

Out steps Wyatt "Gameface" Parker, in an outfit consisting of Navy Blue windbreaker suit trimmed with gold, white shoes, and Silver mirrored sunglasses on. He walks around to the other side, opens the passenger door, and out steps Terri. She is dressed in a very tight formfitting dress, low cut in the front, showing off her... assets. Wyatt then opens the back glass and puts a large black duffle bag over his shoulder, and begins walking in, all smiles.

Wyatt takes Terri's hand, chuckles, and they start heading towards the camera, past it to loud cheers, and thru the doors to the Arena.
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Wyatt and Terri Arrive on Wednesday
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