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 Wyatt prepares for Kryptonite

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PostSubject: Wyatt prepares for Kryptonite   Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:49 am

Scene opens inside the WEW gym, where it is dark outside and the only person seen inside is Wyatt "Gameface" Parker. He is laying down on the workout bench, benchpressing what looks to be about 230 lbs of weight. He finishes the set and sits up, takes a drink of water, and starts wiping himself off with a towel.

WP - "Not enough time, damnit, not enough time!"

Just then, in walks Terri swiftly, looking none too happy. She is wearing what looks to be a dress fit for some kind of ritzy dinner, carrying her purse to match the dress.

TR - "Wyatt! How dare you stand me up for a date! I have been waiting for over 3 hours to be picked up! I should have known you would be here....."

WP - "Terri, Im sorry honey I didn't forget, its just.... damn I have a match with that freak known as Kryptonite this weekend.... this is the biggest match of my wrestling career so far, and there isn't enough time in the day to prepare for that beast.... Im sorry babe, seriously. I would have called but err... my cell was dead!"

Wyatt looks hopefully at Terri, but she sees right through the lie

TR - "It isn't that I don't understand Wyatt, really... but I would expect at least a phone call.... I know how big this match is for you. But you have to keep your life focused as much as your wrestling..."

WP - "I know, I know... now, could I get back to my 13th set please?"

Wyatt lies back down and starts another bench set, as Terri turns on her heels, storming out the door
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Wyatt prepares for Kryptonite
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