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 Update On Porke Rynz

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Porke Rynz

Porke Rynz

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PostSubject: Update On Porke Rynz   Wed Jan 28, 2009 8:20 pm

Hey everyone, just a tid bit of info...I finally got a job hence why I haven't been posting on here lately...got crazy hours so I get home very tired...I have a great story lined up with Titus Sinclair and my favorite diva of all time Stacy Keblier.

I wish people would start RPGing in here besides the same people such as myself, Mr. Stephen...Stephen...Wyatt and a couple others...there's gonna be 40 of us in this fed and the way Angel does his shows, We should be in the top 10 federations...

Also...feel free to RPG with my wrestler Porke Rynz...sneak attacks, match interference whatever. I only have one major rule...it better be a good story not some cheap shot like so and so piledrives Porke Rynz a hundred times and leaves him a bloody mess in the corner. Use your imagination and when I come into this website and check things out I will respond if not then but later on, but I will respond with something entertaining.

Anyways ya'll have a good one and BEWARE of Titus Sinclair and Eric Bischoff
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Update On Porke Rynz
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